Lady Frere - 27 February 2017

The next NPO Volunteer event will be hosted in Lady Frere on 27 February 2017. As a volunteer your services are required to help NPOs get compliant with their financial and tax affairs. As an accounting officer and tax practitioner you can help NPOs in the Lady Frere area prepare their financial statements, complete their narrative report, assist with completing their tax registration and apllication for PBO status and filing tax returns. This is a unique opportunity to help in your community and to promote the services of your firm to 1000s of NPOs.

This initiative forms part of the project between SAIBA, SAIT, FNB and the DSD.

The DSD has organised this contact session to:

  1. Inform NPOs about the services offered by the DSD and the registration and compliance requirements
  2. Assist NPOs to get compliant with the NPO and Tax legislation
  3. Connect NPOs with accounting officers and tax practitioners

Event Investment

The contact session is organised by the DSD and supported by SAIBA, SAIT and FNB. Accounting officers and tax practitioners provide free volunteer services to NPOs.


Date Time Venue
27 February 2017 09:00 Lady Frere Town Hall

Terms and conditions:

  1. Contact sessions are provided as volunteer services meaning that volunteers provide their accounting and/or tax services free of charge as detailed on e.g. Professional services to the value of R10 000 must be included in the volunteer service.
  2. The purpose of the contact sessions are to help NPOs become compliant with the NPO and Tax legislation. Any services provided in addition to the initial engagement may be charged for.
  3. The venue has only basic facilities. Bring a hat or umbrella.
  4. Volunteers will be provided with a desk, chair and various client engagement forms.
  5. Volunteers and NPOs to complete the forms to enable completion at the volunteers professional office at a later date.
  6. NPOs attending the contact sessions my not be fluent in English and would best be served in their home language
  7. NPOs allocated on a first come first served basis.
  8. Normal client/firm agreements and rules of engagement govern the relationship and services provided between the volunteer and the NPOs.
  9. Volunteers to bring along their crates or boxes to collect necessary clients forms (engagement letter, client contact form, special power of attorney, client constitution and statutory documents, client IDs, FICA documentation, knowledge of the business forms, narrative reports, accounting officer reports).
  10. NPOs are requested not to bring any supporting documentation such as invoices and bank statements.
  11. Volunteers will use the special power of attorney forms to obtain NPO bank statements from relevant NPO bank.
  12. Volunteers to use the information collected from the client forms and the bank statements to prepare compliance documents such as financial statements, narrative reports, accounting officer reports and tax registration forms and tax returns.
  13. All work as subject to the professional judgement of the volunteer as a professional accounting officer and/or tax practitioner and should be conducted in terms of IFAC or SARS engagement standards.
  14. Volunteers to update SAIBA or SAIT re the progress with completing the work.
  15. CPD hours will be awarded to all volunteers to the value of 8 hours.
  16. Volunteers to submit all completed documentation to NPO Directorate and FNB. FNB will open up bank accounts for all NPOs in terms of an agreement with DSD.

Event Signup